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案例名稱: LIGHTUP International Technology Co., ltd

案例地址: http://www.laitalight.com

About Lightup (Deselen) Lighting Technology Co,Limited

Guzhen town, is the Chinese LED "Silicon Valley" in Zhongshan, China, which occupy 80% LED production and sales of the national.

Zhongshan Guzhen Lightup Lighting Technology Co,Limited is located in Guzhen, Integrates development and manufacturing in-house, specializes in manufacturing all types of LED light and related products which is environmentally-friendly .

The LIGHTUP Deselen LED company also began on a global scale, the first to provide family housing LED lighting design and lighting products. Suitable for all families customize their own LED lighting design. Users simply provide their family photos, the best photos of 360 degrees, and then the company will be able to design their lighting effects, as shown below